Clem's association with cars through the years

This listing is in chronological order

Opel Rekord
My Dad would let me sit on his lap when I was 5 - 6 years of age, to help "drive" the family car

Austin 1100
I self-learnt how to drive the secondary family car of this type and color before legal driving age

Mazda Capella
Drove this primary family car of this type and color on the back roads before legal driving age

Morris Mini-Minor
Perth, 1978
I practiced in, and obtained my Aussie driving license in my uni year mate John Borger's Mini.
It was in almost the same color (grey)

Ford Falcon XE S Pak
4.1 L Inline 6
First car (in Perth, W.A.)

Ford Falcon EA S
3.9 L Inline 6
Second car (in Perth, W.A.)

Ford Falcon Futura
4.0 L Inline 6
Third car (in Sydney, N.S.W.)

Mercedes E240 W210
2.0 L Inline 4
Fourth car (in Kuching)

Mercedes C200 W204
1.8 L Turbocharged
Fifth car (in Miri)

My other items through the years:

Portable music players

Mobile phones




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