Why didn't I think of that  . . . . ?

Hair and nails  

She doesn't know how to spell it herself either

Eating and drinking  


Lawyers eat here


Every girl's favourite eating place


Harper Lee eats here

The Police make arrests here daily


Robin Hood came here looking for the friar


They forgot that teriyaki is Japanese

Patsy and Eddy eat here

It better be . . .

No pho king way . . .


Jesus eats here

I think this is meant to be a restroom sign




Straight to the point


Just like I used to confuse the magnate
Lang Hancock's  name as Hang Longcock

And fook yew too

Don't eat here or else you will soon be fat


I think its pronounced "ahnaal"

One downstroke of the letter "N" fell off

. . .  and this one is pronounced "Ahnnooze"

Trade vehicles  



This place is hard to find apparently.
Use Google Maps

"Life is like a box of chocolates . . ."

Bakes handsome breads

They return your computer in bits and pieces

Reminds me of a children's cartoon sea pirates TV series in Australia with main characters called "Master Bates" and Seaman Staines"

You also???

Don't step on ma blue suede shoes . . . .


What they mean is that they don't use machines

I think this describes some hotel staff

who should not be in the business

Go somewhere else if you need something smaller










26 March 2021






Created by Clem Kuek