My mobile phones through time

It started with this

Late 1990s

Motorola Fliphone
Very bulky.
Not something you could fit inside your trouser pocket. Was not used much as phone tariffs were high in those days.


Late 1990s/Early 2000s

Eriksson T28
Very compact. Used to clip it to my belt as can be seen on my right hip in this pic:
Much loved phone although as SMS became more common, it proved very difficult to enter the text fast.
I experienced what might have been a serious incident with my first T28 when on my flight from Hong Kong to Sydney when even with the T28 off, the battery started to heat up so much that it was too hot to touch. I had to take the battery out before the heating stopped. That would have been one of those battery failure incidents which airlines try to prevent. The phone was destroyed and Eriksson Sydney replaced it although they kept quiet about the battery failure which could have caused a major airplane incident had the phone not been on my hip but in a cabin bag or similar.



I was a Blackberry user from 2007 going through several models. The physical keyboard allowed for very fast texting. In my first year in Sarawak in 2008, I SMSed up a bill of RM600 the paper invoice for which ran over 50 pages.

From 2012

iPhone 4
From this model I went on through the 6, 8 and now 11 Pro Max.




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