Home repair: Samsung WA13WP Washing Machine


Our Samsung WA13WP Washing Machine stopped working. It had intermittently refused to let water into the tub and finally refused altogether. Since it was in the midst of the MCO period, I wasn't able to get a service person to come in to have a look.

After a week of contemplating the matter I resolved that it had to be a faulty inlet valve. For an inlet valve not to work, the valve itself could be sticking, or the solenoid which drives the piston actuator must have failed.

Thus, I opened up the machine to have a look at the water inlet assembly:

This is the water inlet assembly with the two solenoids on top (disconnected).

I disassembled the water inlet and checked the valves and their pistons for free movement and integrity of the seals. All seemed fine and I re-assembled the unit and powered on the unit again, only to find that the inlet still did not allow water to enter the washer.

I concluded that the solenoid(s) must be faulty. Since I did not have volt/amp meter handy to check on the functionality of the solenoids, I took an educated guess/chance and looked for a replacement part to buy. I found the required part online at Shopee:

The part looks different from the pics above only because it is pictured upside down.
The ordered part took three weeks to arrive even though it was ex-West Malaysia
(no doubt due to the MCO and the resulting mail congestion).

I received the part an hour ago and have just finished installing it:

The washing machine works fine now.

It is undergoing cleaning at the moment:



29 May 2020






Created by Clem Kuek