Clem cooks kachangma

This is a traditional Chinese Hakka alcoholic dish

Dry fry/toast the kachangma herb.
You may choose to make the pieces finer by crushing.
You should be able to smell the distinctive kachangma fragrance during the frying.
If not, then your batch of herbs is past its shelf-life.


The herb after dry frying.

Dry fry/toast shredded ginger to dry it so that frying with oil in the next step does not spatter as much.

Now fry the dried ginger until golden brown.
Some say that sesame oil should be used but I find that any neutral-tasting oil is fine.

Add the chicken pieces and fry until the chicken is browned (caramelization step).

Add the dry fried kachangma and continue frying for a few minutes.

Transfer to a slow cooker; add wine (dry/sweet) or alcohol (vodka works) of your choice.
The amount of liquid is to your liking.
Add more water or wine/alcohol over time as needed.
Note that no condiments are added.
Slow cook until the chicken is tender to your liking.

Tuck in.




09 Nov 2019






Created by Clem Kuek