Dodgy car dealers and their dodgy cars


"A prestige car with proven pedigree and track record"

You would expect to see a stately Bentley ....

.... but at Dodgy Cars you get fobbed off with a Russian Lada.

"Motoring class with precision, cited in many car journals"
In quality car yards, it would be Mercedes E-class that is being described .... .... but at the dodgy car dealer you get a Proton Wira. Yes, it also has four wheels too but that's about all.

"German motor engineering par excellence"

A BMW 3-series would fit the bill in quality dealerships .... .... but at Dodgy Universe you get a Travant. Yes, it's German as well.

"A sporty 5-door hatch, the ownership of which marks your entry into an exclusive club"
You would expect a VW Golf wouldn't you? .... but you keep finding Perodua Kancils at Dodgy World.

.... you didn't really think that this article is about cars, did you?


07 July 12

Created by Clem Kuek