Bologna, Florence, Venice; Jan 01

London, Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon; Jan 01

South Island, New Zealand; Jun-Jul 01

Changsha, Fuzhou and Xiamen; China Nov 01

Auckland and Nelson, New Zealand; Dec 01

Canowindra; October 02

Borneo '03; Jul/Aug 03
Perth Feb/Mar 05

Bathurst, Parkes and Dubbo; Apr 05

Brisbane; April 05

Borneo '05; May/June 05

Brisbane; 03 Sept 05

Overnight trip to Melbourne; Jan 06

Brisbane; Oct 06

12 hours in Bangkok; 1 Nov 06
My location 01 Nov 06 - 31 Jan 07
How some saw my assignment
Markets; Nov 06

   Food; Nov 06
Day-to-day expenses; Nov 06
  Around the city; Nov/Dec 06

   At QAU; Dec 06
   Xmas eve,
Taxila; Dec 06

   A very Abdul Xmas; Dec 06

   Id lunch; Jan 07

   The Hameeds; Jan 07
   Lahore; Jan 07
   Muree, Ayubia and Bhurban; Jan 07
   Faces of Islamabad; Nov 06 - Jan 07
Borneo '07a; Mar - Apr 07
Reappearance; Singapore Apr 07
Brisbane; Apr 07

South Island, New Zealand; Jul 07
Borneo '07b; Aug - Oct 07

Brisbane; Feb 08
Tooroo Sunburnt Country; Feb 08

Kuala Belait, Brunei; May 08

Miri International Jazz Festival; May 08
The Kampong Sait trail; Jun 08

Cascade, Gunong Mulu Natl. Park; Sept 08

Sydney; May 09

Kuala Lumpur; May 09

Rafflesia; May 09

Petronas Towers; July 09

Twin Otter flightdeck; Sep 09
Sago processing near Mukah; Sep 09
Barbecue in Sydney; Dec 09
SW Western Australia; April-May 10

Sematan; Nov 10

Hindu temple at Matang/Gunung Serapi; April 11

Lake Taiton, Bau district; May 11

Kuala Lumpur; June 11
Melbourne and Sydney; Nov 11

Penang; Dec 11

Sematan; April 12

Buah bulasan, Kuala Lumpur; Jun 12

Washington DC; Aug 12

London; Aug 12

To Miri by road; Sep 12

Lunch at Sarikei; Sep 12
Sibu night market; Sep 12

Pantai Bungai; Nov 12

Singapore chicken rice; Apr 13

Singapore chilli crabs; Apr 13

Curtin University, Bentley; May 13

Landing at Lawas airport; Jul 13

Fish galore, Long Lidong; Jul 13

Long Tanid; Jul 13

Beach at Manukan Island; July 13

Fish at Manukan Island; July 13

Niah National Park; Sep 13

Sutera Harbour Resort; Oct 13

Cabramatta, Sydney; Dec 13

Long Banga; Jan 14

Reconnaissance trip to ulu Baram; Jan 14

Plantation nursery, Bintulu Feb 14
Meeting Mr Shashinki dot com; Mar 14

At Jonker Walk, Malacca; Apr 14

Landing at Ba Kelalan; Jul 14

Mulu Caves with Curtin University; Apr 15

Tucker in Perth and Sydney; May 15

Perth pho; Aug 15

Tea plantation, Cameron Highlands; Aug 15

Ipoh Stay, Ipoh; Aug 15

Ipoh Curry Mee, Ipoh; Aug 15

Dong Ba; Oct 15

Gai Viet; Dec 15

Pho Phung; Dec 15

Yumcha; Dec 15

Spicy Beef and Wonton Noodle Soup; May 16

Johor Bahru; Jul 16

"Yellow Ginger" durian; Jul 16

"salted egg" mud crabs; Jul 16

Fish and chips; Aug 16

Steak on the Swan; Sep 16

Battered Fish Fillet, Oct 16

Scallops and vegies, Burwood; Oct 16

Bang Main salt mine; Nov 16

Austria; Dec 16

    Neunkirchen dinner

    Kreuzberg dinner
    Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

    Mozartkugeln chocolate, Vienna
    A Vienna tale

London; Mar 17

Sydney; May/June 17

Kuala Lumpur; July 17
Perth; Aug/Sep 17
Sydney; Dec 17
    Clem's smoked Rainbow Trout

Clem's Belgian style moules
 R2E2 mango
    Scallops and kailan
    Day out with Adam

KLIA; Jan 18

Phuket; July 18
    Patong Beach
    Two Lees at Patong Beach
    Amari Hotel
    Ban Zaan Fish Market

Ban Zaan Food Village
     At Jungceylon

    Palace of Elephants, Fantasea
    Movie clip

The Netherlands
   Amsterdam canal cruise; Aug 18

   Rotterdam assignment; Aug 18


    Basle assignment; Aug 18
    Basle, Luzern and Zurich; Aug 18

    Mount Pilatus, Luzern; Aug 18

    My cheeses went around the world; Aug 18

PR China

    Shanghai assignment; Sep 18

    HuangPu River Cruise, Shanghai; Sep 18
Perth; Oct 18

    Rib-eye steak at Fibber McGee's

Sydney; Dec 18

    MH Intl Lounge, KLIA, KUL

    R2E2 mangoes


    Coles Mini Collectibles

    Harry's Pie

    Adam and James
    QF Intl Lounge
, Kingsford Smith, SYD
    MH Domestic Lounge, KLIA, KUL

Penang; Jan 19
Sydney; May 19
    International to Minto

D.I.Y heaven
    Day out with Adam

 Marcus and Wai
    Sydney Fish Market

Kajang satay; Oct 19

Site reconnaissance to Lagang's Cave; Nov 19
Miri to Kuching road trip; Dec 19

    Part 1 MYY - SBW;
    Part 1 MYY - SBW "The Italian Job" tribute version
    Part 2 SBW - KCH

Sydney (Summer 2020); Jan 20
Flight information board; Apr 20

Some movies of previous travel

    Three months in Islamabad; Aug 20

    Turtle Island Trip; Aug 20
    South Island, NZ; Aug 20
    Perth and SW West Australia;  Sep 20
    In and around Kuching; Sep 20

Sampling at Deer Cave, Mulu; Sep 20

Sampling at Lagang's Cave, Mulu; Oct 20

Mulu 2020 outtakes; Oct 20

Sebuyau; Oct 20


At dinner, Aug, 01

Beirut by night, Aug. 02

Jen and I; Oct 03

At dinner; May 04
At dinner; Apr 05
Al and Joe's; June 05

Redwood sawmill; Nov 05

A night of celebratory drinks; Nov 05

Sunday with Nat; Apr 06
Wedding; Apr 06

Old mates; Aug 06
3+1; Oct 06
Sydney Fish Market; May 07

New arrival; Jun 07

At dinner; Jun 07
Birthday; Jun 07

New lens; 12-24 mm; Circular Quay; Jul 07
Cherry packing
At dinner; Oct 07
At dinner; Nov 07

Yum cha; Nov 07 
Lead ore place; Nov 07 
At dinner; Nov 07
Two for lunch; Dec 07

Coogee beach; Dec 07
Moxie's dairy; Jan 08
New lens; 70-200 mm;
quick test; Jan 08
Boy in shop; Mar 08
Drive in the country; Mar 08
Main Bazaar shoot with Marie; April 08

Matang; May 08
Serapi; Jun 08
Serapi 2; Jun 08
Music Festival; Jul 08

Two Lees; Aug 08

Swinburne Sarawak Campus, Grand Opening; Aug 08

Durio zibethinus; Oct 08

It seemed an ordinary day; May 08

Fr. S. Lim, Holy Trinity; Dec 08
carolling; Dec 08

Chinese New Year stalls; Jan 09

Chinese New year's Eve; Jan 09

Jen @ SUTS; April 09

Easter, Holy Trinity; Apr 09
The Banquet panorama; Jun 09

Portraits; Jul 09

Kuching Waterfront; Jul 09

Tze growing fungi in a bioreactor; Dec 09
At dinner; Oct 09

A bit of Kuek history; Oct 09
Another birthday mass; Dec 09
It's Xmas time again; Dec 09

Sydney Harbour fireworks; Jan 10
Fruits in the Lai garden; Jan 10

Chinese New Year's eve fireworks; Feb 10

Leonard and Babara's wedding; July 10

Oyster omelette; Sep 10

A Short Course; Oct 10

Annual Dinner 1; Nov 10

Annual Dinner 2; Nov 10

Empurau aquaculture; Dec 10

Christmas Day; Dec 10

Australia Day; Jan 11
Caroline leaves for Pfizer; Mar 11
An engagement; Sep 11

SUTS at the Sarawak Regatta; Sep 11

Annual Dinner; Dec 11

Christmas eve BBQ; Dec 11

Martin and Alisha; May 12

Lead ore place; May 12

Malay wedding; Jun 12
How to resolve differences; Jun 12

Helmut and Gillian; Jun 12
The Peter Principle; Jul 12
Dodgy car dealers and dodgy cars; Jul 12
A one-act play; Jul 12

Moving house, Sep 12

Borneo Jazz 2013; May 13

Haruyo Ibihara; May 13

Putrajaya meeting; Jun 13

What is that? Jul 13

At Pantai Peliau; Sep 13

Homecooked laksa; Sep 13

Grantsmanship Workshop; Oct 13

Graduation; Oct 13
    Dr Ng Lee Tze
    On the stage
    Dr and Prof
        One   Two

Two Lees

Recon trip, CSRCDP; Jan 2014

Valentine's Day dinner; Feb 14

You would like how much?? Jan 14

Signing a RM2M contract; Feb 14

Tamil wedding; Mar 14

By the Malacca River; Apr 14

Miri River boat cruise; Apr 14

Adam J.; June 2014

Overhead Miri and Curtin Sarawak campus; Jul 14

Four levels of Kuek; Nov 14

Australia Day at Curtin Sarawak; Jan 15

Building developments in Miri; Mar 15

Empowering rural producers of highland rice; Mar 15

One year old; May 15

Mum; Jul 15

Clem's Wonton noodle soup; Oct 15

Clem's Surf and turf; Oct 15

Birthday; Nov 15

Clem's scallops and kailan; Feb 16

The new ride; Mar 16

After the fires; Apr 16

Clem's steak and mushroom pie; Apr 16

Two years old; May 16

James Kuek; Sept 16

Sape player; Oct 16
"A Northern Dawn"; Nov 16
Site Acceptance Testing; Aug 17

Jenn zumber; Oct 17

Clem makes pepper candy; Oct 17

Clem makes fried spring rolls; Oct 17

Hyderabadi restaurant; Oct 17

Kuek history; Oct 17
Lavender Cafe; Nov 17
Excapade sushi restaurant; Nov 17
Kuching steak; Dec 17

Bedroom sound system; May 18

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of dabai oil/fat; May 18
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of frankincense; Jun 18

The ancient DNA Mulu Caves Project; Oct 18

Prep Chromatography system commissioned; Dec 18
Micro/ultra filtration system commissioned; Dec 18

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of animal fat; Dec 18 
Antiques; Dec 18
Beef noodles; Jan 19

Liquid CO2 Extraction of Sarawak Black Pepper; Mar 19
Dad's 90th birthday dinner; Mar 19

Marcus and Wai; Mar 19

Qiu Han leaves the PPF; Mar 19

Highland salt project; April 19
My portable music players through the years; May 19

New treads; May 19
150 L Bioreactor and Continuous Centrifuge SAT; Jun 19

ESEM commissioned; Jul 19

Bench top Spray Dryer commissioned; Aug 19

Photobioreactor commissioned, Sep 19

Father Stephen Lim: 10 years; Sep 19

Construction of the SB Pilot Plant Facility; Oct 19

Training on Process Floor rigs; Oct 19

"An Uneasy Co-existence"; Nov 19
Clem cooks kachangma; Nov 19
Clem makes fried spring rolls for his staff; Nov 19
Vale Clem; Dec 19
Last supper in Miri; Dec 19
Miri people; Dec 19

Summer 2020; Jan 20

Taronga Zoo visit; Jan 20

The SBPP Project; Feb 20

Valentine's Day 2020; Feb 20

Colonel Bogey march; Feb 20

Clem cooks Mee Goreng Mamak; Apr 20
Hot-smoked Ikan Terubok; Apr 20
Ice cream friends; Apr 20
Clem makes satay; May 20
Cooking by Clem during the MCO; May 20
MCO Follies; May 20
Culinary delights of Miri; May 20

From my desk to you; May 20
Washing machine home repair; May 20
Be poop-famous; Jul 20

GoPro Hero 8 Black; Jul 20
Long hikes can be resumed; Jul 20
On the road in Kuching in 4K; Jul 20
Distressed table top; Aug 20

Slideshow movies; Aug 20
The Lightning Years video; Aug 20
    The Lightning Years page; Oct 20
My mobile phones through the years; Aug 20
Just sayin' . . . ; Aug 20

Staff Balls; Aug 20
1968 - 1972 memory lane; Sep 20

Fruit faces; Sep 20

Batu Lintang classmates; Sep 20



In the previous Millenium

How long ago???

A lot of water
The 12th man
Where's Wally?
Stirling Ranges
At auntie's, London 1988
Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1989

Would you like fries with that?" ; Guangzhou.

ACIAR Project 9105 trips to Chiangmai and Bangkok;

UNDP TOKTEN/STAR consultancy to CERC, Zhanjiang.

China 1999: Guest of the PRC.

Hong Kong; Jan 00

Borneo '00; June 00

Singapore; June 00





My students love me

Industrial Microbiology, Tuesday Labs, 1996

Class of '96 at graduation

Bioreactors, & Unit Operations lab, 1996

Industrial Microbiology; Tuesday Labs, 1997

Integrating Project (Biotechnology), 1997

Integrating Project(Biotechnology), 1998

Industrial Microbiology 1998: Things To Do With a Sleepy Daryl No.239

Class of '98 at graduation.

Class of 1999
   Some after graduation
   Post-graduation dinner 1; 13 April '99
   Post-graduation dinner 2; 13 April '99

The Honours team 2000
Class of 2000
   Some after graduation
, 12 April '00

Basic Microbiology 2001

Foundation Chemistry, SUTS Sem 2, '08


Microbiology @ SUTS; April 09
Microbiology Research @ SUTS; Jul 09

Bioreactor test run @ SUTS; Dec 09






Tom Cruise was my wingman
Tall tales

    The act you've known for all these  years...
    Man of
the year!
    Look what they found!