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Bologna, Florence, Venice; Jan 01

London, Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon; Jan 01

South Island, New Zealand; Jun-Jul 01

Changsha, Fuzhou and Xiamen; China Nov 01

Auckland and Nelson, New Zealand; Dec 01

Canowindra; October 02

Borneo '03; Jul/Aug 03
Perth Feb/Mar 05

Bathurst, Parkes and Dubbo; Apr 05

Brisbane; April 05

Borneo '05; May/June 05

Brisbane; 03 Sept 05

Overnight trip to Melbourne; Jan 06

Brisbane; Oct 06

12 hours in Bangkok; 1 Nov 06
My location 01 Nov 06 - 31 Jan 07
How some saw my assignment
Markets; Nov 06

   Food; Nov 06
Day-to-day expenses; Nov 06
  Around the city; Nov/Dec 06

   At QAU; Dec 06
   Xmas eve,
Taxila; Dec 06

   A very Abdul Xmas; Dec 06

   Id lunch; Jan 07

   The Hameeds; Jan 07
   Lahore; Jan 07
   Muree, Ayubia and Bhurban; Jan 07
   Faces of Islamabad; Nov 06 - Jan 07
Borneo '07a; Mar - Apr 07
Reappearance; Singapore Apr 07
Brisbane; Apr 07

South Island, New Zealand; Jul 07
Borneo '07b; Aug - Oct 07

Brisbane; Feb 08
Tooroo Sunburnt Country; Feb 08

Kuala Belait, Brunei; May 08

Miri International Jazz Festival; May 08
The Kampong Sait trail; Jun 08

Cascade, Gunong Mulu Natl. Park; Sept 08

Sydney; May 09

Kuala Lumpur; May 09

Rafflesia; May 09

Petronas Towers; July 09

Twin Otter flightdeck; Sep 09
Sago processing near Mukah; Sep 09
Barbecue in Sydney; Dec 09
SW Western Australia; April-May 10

Sematan; Nov 10

Hindu temple at Matang/Gunung Serapi; April 11

Lake Taiton, Bau district; May 11

Kuala Lumpur; June 11
Melbourne and Sydney; Nov 11

Penang; Dec 11

Sematan; April 12

Buah bulasan, Kuala Lumpur; Jun 12

Washington DC; Aug 12

London; Aug 12

To Miri by road; Sep 12

Lunch at Sarikei; Sep 12
Sibu night market; Sep 12

Pantai Bungai; Nov 12

Singapore chicken rice; Apr 13

Singapore chilli crabs; Apr 13

Curtin University, Bentley; May 13

Landing at Lawas airport; Jul 13

Fish galore, Long Lidong; Jul 13

Long Tanid; Jul 13

Beach at Manukan Island; July 13

Fish at Manukan Island; July 13

Niah National Park; Sep 13

Sutera Harbour Resort; Oct 13

Cabramatta, Sydney; Dec 13

Long Banga; Jan 14

Reconnaissance trip to ulu Baram; Jan 14

Plantation nursery, Bintulu Feb 14
Meeting Mr Shashinki dot com; Mar 14

At Jonker Walk, Malacca; Apr 14

Landing at Ba Kelalan; Jul 14

Mulu Caves with Curtin University; Apr 15

Tucker in Perth and Sydney; May 15

Perth pho; Aug 15

Tea plantation, Cameron Highlands; Aug 15

Ipoh Stay, Ipoh; Aug 15

Ipoh Curry Mee, Ipoh; Aug 15

Dong Ba; Oct 15

Gai Viet; Dec 15

Pho Phung; Dec 15

Yumcha; Dec 15

Spicy Beef and Wonton Noodle Soup; May 16

Johor Bahru; Jul 16

"Yellow Ginger" durian; Jul 16

"salted egg" mud crabs; Jul 16

Fish and chips; Aug 16

Steak on the Swan; Sep 16

Battered Fish Fillet, Oct 16

Scallops and vegies, Burwood; Oct 16

Bang Main salt mine; Nov 16

Austria; Dec 16

    Neunkirchen dinner

    Kreuzberg dinner
    Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

    Mozartkugeln chocolate, Vienna
    A Vienna tale

London; Mar 17

Sydney; May/June 17

Kuala Lumpur; July 17
Perth; Aug/Sep 17
Sydney; Dec 17
    Clem's smoked Rainbow Trout

Clem's Belgian style moules
 R2E2 mango
    Scallops and kailan
    Day out with Adam

KLIA; Jan 18

Phuket; July 18
    Patong Beach
    Two Lees at Patong Beach
    Amari Hotel
    Ban Zaan Fish Market

Ban Zaan Food Village
     At Jungceylon

    Palace of Elephants, Fantasea

The Netherlands
   Amsterdam canal cruise; Aug 18

   Rotterdam assignment; Aug 18


    Basle assignment; Aug 18
    Basle, Luzern and Zurich; Aug 18

    Mount Pilatus, Luzern; Aug 18

    My cheeses went around the world; Aug 18

PR China

    Shanghai assignment; Sep 18

    HuangPu River Cruise, Shanghai; Sep 18
Perth; Oct 18

    Rib-eye steak at Fibber McGee's

Sydney; Dec 18

    MH Intl Lounge, KLIA, KUL

    R2E2 mangoes


    Coles Mini Collectibles

    Harry's Pie

    Adam and James
    QF Intl Lounge
, Kingsford Smith, SYD
    MH Domestic Lounge, KLIA, KUL

Penang; Jan 19
Sydney; May 19
    International to Minto

D.I.Y heaven
    Day out with Adam

 Marcus and Wai
    Sydney Fish Market

Kajang satay; Oct 19

Sydney; Jan 20


At dinner, Aug, 01

Beirut by night, Aug. 02

Jen and I; Oct 03

At dinner; May 04
At dinner; Apr 05
Al and Joe's; June 05

Redwood sawmill; Nov 05

A night of celebratory drinks; Nov 05

Sunday with Nat; Apr 06
Wedding; Apr 06

Old mates; Aug 06
3+1; Oct 06
Sydney Fish Market; May 07

New arrival; Jun 07

At dinner; Jun 07
Birthday; Jun 07

New lens; 12-24 mm; Circular Quay; Jul 07
Cherry packing
At dinner; Oct 07
At dinner; Nov 07

Yum cha; Nov 07 
Lead ore place; Nov 07 
At dinner; Nov 07
Two for lunch; Dec 07

Coogee beach; Dec 07
Moxie's dairy; Jan 08
New lens; 70-200 mm;
quick test; Jan 08
Boy in shop; Mar 08
Drive in the country; Mar 08
Main Bazaar shoot with Marie; April 08

Matang; May 08
Serapi; Jun 08
Serapi 2; Jun 08
Music Festival; Jul 08

Two Lees; Aug 08

Swinburne Sarawak Campus, Grand Opening; Aug 08

Durio zibethinus; Oct 08

It seemed an ordinary day; May 08

Fr. S. Lim, Holy Trinity; Dec 08
carolling; Dec 08

Chinese New Year stalls; Jan 09

Chinese New year's Eve; Jan 09

Jen @ SUTS; April 09

Easter, Holy Trinity; Apr 09
The Banquet panorama; Jun 09

Portraits; Jul 09

Kuching Waterfront; Jul 09
At dinner; Oct 09

A bit of Kuek history; Oct 09
Another birthday mass; Dec 09
It's Xmas time again; Dec 09

Sydney Harbour fireworks; Jan 10
Fruits in the Lai garden; Jan 10

Chinese New Year's eve fireworks; Feb 10

Leonard and Babara's wedding; July 10

Oyster omelette; Sep 10

A Short Course; Oct 10

Annual Dinner 1; Nov 10

Annual Dinner 2; Nov 10

Empurau aquaculture; Dec 10

Christmas Day; Dec 10

Australia Day; Jan 11
Caroline leaves for Pfizer; Mar 11
An engagement; Sep 11

SUTS at the Sarawak Regatta; Sep 11

Annual Dinner; Dec 11

Christmas eve BBQ; Dec 11

Martin and Alisha; May 12

Lead ore place; May 12

Malay wedding; Jun 12
How to resolve differences; Jun 12

Helmut and Gillian; Jun 12
The Peter Principle; Jul 12
Dodgy car dealers and dodgy cars; Jul 12
A one-act play; Jul 12

Moving house, Sep 12

Borneo Jazz 2013; May 13

Haruyo Ibihara; May 13

Putrajaya meeting; Jun 13

What is that? Jul 13

At Pantai Peliau; Sep 13

Homecooked laksa; Sep 13

Grantsmanship Workshop; Oct 13

Graduation; Oct 13
    Dr Ng Lee Tze
    On the stage
    Dr and Prof
        One   Two

Two Lees

Recon trip, CSRCDP; Jan 2014

Valentine's Day dinner; Feb 14

You would like how much?? Jan 14

Signing a RM2M contract; Feb 14

Tamil wedding; Mar 14

By the Malacca River; Apr 14

Miri River boat cruise; Apr 14

Adam J.; June 2014

Overhead Miri and Curtin Sarawak campus; Jul 14

Four levels of Kuek; Nov 14

Australia Day at Curtin Sarawak; Jan 15

Building developments in Miri; Mar 15

Empowering rural producers of highland rice; Mar 15

One year old; May 15

Mum; Jul 15

Clem's Wonton noodle soup; Oct 15

Clem's Surf and turf; Oct 15

Birthday; Nov 15

Clem's scallops and kailan; Feb 16

The new ride; Mar 16

After the fires; Apr 16

Clem's steak and mushroom pie; Apr 16

Two years old; May 16

James Kuek; Sept 16

Sape player; Oct 16
"A Northern Dawn"; Nov 16
Site Acceptance Testing; Aug 17

Jenn zumber; Oct 17

Clem makes pepper candy; Oct 17

Clem makes fried spring rolls; Oct 17

Hyderabadi restaurant; Oct 17

Kuek history; Oct 17
Lavender Cafe; Nov 17
Excapade sushi restaurant; Nov 17
Kuching steak; Dec 17

Bedroom sound system; May 18

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of dabai oil/fat; May 18
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of frankincense; Jun 18

The ancient DNA Mulu Caves Project; Oct 18

Prep Chromatography system commissioned; Dec 18
Micro/ultra filtration system commissioned; Dec 18

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of animal fat; Dec 18 
Antiques; Dec 18
Beef noodles; Jan 19

Liquid CO2 Extraction of Sarawak Black Pepper; Mar 19

Marcus and Wai; Mar 19

Qiu Han leaves the PPF; Mar 19

Highland salt project; April 19
My portable music players through the years; May 19

New treads; May 19
150 L Bioreactor and Continuous Centrifuge SAT; Jun 19

ESEM commissioned; Jul 19

Bench top Spray Dryer commissioned; Aug 19

Photobioreactor commissioned, Sep 19

Father Stephen Lim: 10 years; Sep 19

Construction of the SB Pilot Plant   Facility; Oct 19

Training on Phytoprocess Floor rigs; Oct 19
Clem cooks kachangma; Nov 19
Clem makes fried spring rolls for his staff; Nov 19
Vale Clem; Dec 19
Last supper in Miri; Dec 19
Miri people; Dec 19

Miri to Kuching road trip; Dec 19

    Part 1 MYY - SBW; Part 2 SBW - KCH

The SBPP Project; Feb 20

Summer 2020; Jan 20

Valentine's Day 2020; Feb 20

Colonel Bogey march; Feb 20
Clem cooks Mee Goreng Mamak; Apr 20


In the previous Millenium

How long ago???

A lot of water
The 12th man
Where's Wally?
Stirling Ranges
At auntie's, London 1988
Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1989

Would you like fries with that?" ; Guangzhou.

ACIAR Project 9105 trips to Chiangmai and Bangkok;

UNDP TOKTEN/STAR consultancy to CERC, Zhanjiang.

China 1999: Guest of the PRC.

Hong Kong; Jan 00

Borneo '00; June 00

Singapore; June 00




My students love me

Industrial Microbiology, Tuesday Labs, 1996

Class of '96 at graduation

Bioreactors, & Unit Operations lab, 1996

Industrial Microbiology; Tuesday Labs, 1997

Integrating Project (Biotechnology), 1997

Integrating Project(Biotechnology), 1998

Industrial Microbiology 1998: Things To Do With a Sleepy Daryl No.239

Class of '98 at graduation.

Class of 1999
   Some after graduation
   Post-graduation dinner 1; 13 April '99
   Post-graduation dinner 2; 13 April '99

The Honours team 2000
Class of 2000
   Some after graduation
, 12 April '00

Basic Microbiology 2001

Foundation Chemistry, SUTS Sem 2, '08


Microbiology @ SUTS; April 09
Microbiology Research @ SUTS; Jul 09

Bioreactor test run @ SUTS; Dec 09



Tom Cruise was my wingman
Tall tales

    The act you've known for all these  years...
    Man of
the year!
    Look what they found!