Clem's MCO Follies

All the material were found in various nooks of the internet and are used here without permission

A year in various levels of movement restriction due to an inanimate particle with no life of its own


March 2020    

"On the first day of the MCO,
A-shopping I did go ...."
Went at daybreak to avoid the crowd to stock up on supplies


Some rushed to the stores in too much haste . . .


Yes, the panic buying and hoarding got a bit ridiculous . . .

If you need that much toilet paper for a two-week lockdown, you've got diarrhoea, not COVID-19

Sanitize your hands frequently!



My friend Caroline's home cooking included this corona virus inspired dish. Very creative. No, she did not contract Covid-19 after eating it
Caroline and her hubby were directed by the health authorities to home quarantine for 2 weeks after a person tested positive to COVID-19 at her husband's building where he works


COVID-19 was a mystery at the start . . . can we get the virus from eating exotic foods?

Some occupations were hit hard . . .


I made my own hand sanitizer



. . . . she tried

Some people had food home delivered . . . .
obviously, I did not

Easter came and went . . . .

Social pisstancing



Staying at home was more
relaxed and comfy for some


TikTok went overtime . . . . here are some short clips (click on them)


Malaysian quarantine problem

Covid Index Case found





April 2020
Even I had something to say . . . .

Seen in South Australian national parks:


May 2020  

Then at the end of May, the US saw the result of decades of apparent differential treatment of Blacks by its police departments in jurisdictions across the country: demonstrations and rioting


MCO was lifted on 12 May and we went into Conditional Movement Control Order

The orange one  

El presidente made much news for mishandling the crisis in the U.S. (those who think photons emit from his postern orifice obviously think he did no wrong)
Here he is answering a question on how big his brain is . . . .



El presidente calls it the "China Virus"
If that is so, then we should call HIV
the "American Arse Fuck Virus"


Even corona wears a mask against infection


Making use of His bible?
God makes His feelings known . . . .

(c) Jimmy Kimmel 2020

More of his supporters should drink
bleach and Dettol as suggested by him

Handy pocketables


Dettol-on-the-rocks for
trumpians and trumpettes

Here's a song from unmasked characters from the Disney movie "Mary Poppins" (1964):

"Super Nasty Cataclysmic COVID-19 Virus"

September 2020
When the orange one contracted COVID-19, these were not the only people hoping . . . .


November 2020

The election outcome . . . .

Na ....   na na na .... na

They hired trucks with Trump's favourite word for his foes, to circulate Washington, D.C.  . . .

But, the loser would not concede . . .

Right idea; wrong virus

How you wear your mask is an indication of how you wear your underwear


. . . . car mechanic


Year's end  
. . . . and then Christmas came with still no end of COVID in sight



January 2021  

. . . . and then it was another year . . . .


. . . and I had grown fat over the year . . . .

. . . .  from all that cooking

So I did some exercise . . .   
All 12 other parts of Malaysia (except Sarawak) were naughty and had to be disciplined (locked down again in January 2021)

US politicians reflect those who vote them in . . . .  the ignorance continues after Trump . . .

Socrates' view of democracy is that it is only as effective as the education system which surrounds it; that voting in an election is a skill and not a random intuition. I have sympathy for the view that both politicians and voters have to have demonstrate some threshold amount of educational qualification before they can be allowed to participate in a democracy.


March 2021
We are not amused . . . .
Her grandson and his wife aired dirty linen in public

In other linen news . . . .
In our pre-occupation with COVID-19, concern about global warming was not in our forethoughts . . .

Meanwhile . . . . looks like trouble for this supper at a kopitiam . . .
RM10,000 fine for not keeping social distance


May 2021
I had contact with a person who later proved positive for COVID-19. Thus, I went for a swab test which returned:



June 2021

On 07 June I finally received an appointment to go for vaccination (AstraZeneca opt-in choice)

The second dose should be in around 12 weeks' time..

In the mean time, due to various reasons, I had more COVID tests:

This is going to be one outcome:


September 2021

Meanwhile in Charlotte, North Carolina, a truck seemingly from a funeral home was emblazoned with a message which should generate more clients for its business. It was the work of the local ad agency BooneOakley. Clever.


November 2021

Oral antigen test kits have become readily available and relatively cheap (RM10 per test):

I stocked up on these at home.



27 Oct 2021






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