Clem's MCO Follies

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Sanitize your hands frequently!


"On the first day of the MCO,
A-shopping I did go ...."

Went at daybreak to avoid the crowd to stock up on supplies.

Some rushed to the stores in too much haste . . .

Yes, the panic buying and hoarding got a bit ridiculous.


My friend Caroline's home cooking included this corona virus inspired dish. Very creative. No, she did not contract Covid-19 after eating it.
UPDATE JULY 2020: Caroline and her hubby were directed by the health authorities to home quarantine for 2 weeks after a person tested positive to COVID-19 at her husband's building where he works.

Some occupations were hit hard . . .

Easter came and went.

I made my own hand sanitizer.

She tried.

Some people had food home delivered.
I did not.


Social pisstancing.

The UK's Dominic Cummins drove 200 miles during lockdown "to test his eyesight".

My eyesight isn't all that good either . . .
The Orange One  

El presidente answering a question on how big his brain is.


El presidente called it the "China Virus"
If that is so, then we should call HIV
the American Arse Fuck Virus

Even corona wears a mask against infection.

Making use of His bible?
He makes his feelings known.
(c) Jimmy Kimmel 2020

More of his supporters should drink
bleach and Dettol as suggested by him

Handy pocketables



Dettol-on-the-rocks for
trumpians and trumpettes

Malaysian quarantine problem

Covid Index Case found

Being helpful



Staying at home is more
relaxed and comfy for some

How you wear your mask is an indication of how you wear your underwear

Even I had something to say . . . .

Then at the end of May, the US saw the result of decades of apparent differential treatment of Blacks by its police departments in jurisdictions across the country: demonstrations and rioting.

MCO was lifted on 12 May
and we went into CMCO.


14 May 2020





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