The Xylonova R&D Program combines state-of-the-art plant biotechnologies. The combination of technologies incorporated in the Xylonova program places Australia at the cutting edge of world research in the re-afforestation of degraded land.

Existing tree planting systems rely on unimproved genetic material which does not have the benefit of using techniques of molecular biology specifically aimed at solving environmental problems. Nor do they capitalize on the commercial potential for growing high-value wood products.

The multidisciplinary Xylonova program applies advanced methods of molecular biology, silviculture practices and wood science to the development of eucalypt plantations on saline, waterlogged and polluted soils.

Together with management practices that maximize the growth rates of trees grown in commercial forestry plantations, the program will result in high quality plantations suitable for the production of veneer, sawnwood and pulpwood.

The participants in the Xylonova R&D Program are:

ForBio Group, Brisbane

Centre for Forest Tree Technology, Victoria

State Forests of New South Wales

School of Forestry, the University of Melbourne

Treecorp, Victoria

Murdoch University, Western Australia

The University of Western Sydney, Macarthur

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