The characteristics of Mycobead which make it a superior form of inoculum
Characteristics Comments
Bead shape; 0.5 - 3.0 mm as desired.
  • Volume efficient per unit propagule.
  • Mechanical strength conferred compared to inoculum forms using fragmented gel.
Mycelia cultured within beads.
  • Propagules highly viable and in appropriate physiological state.
  • Mycelia pre-position advantageously for out-growth from beads.
No growth of mycelium external to the beads.
  • Production of discrete particles of inoculum rather than free mycelium possible.
  • Discrete particles allow proper dispensing of repeatable doses by inoculation machinery.
  • Published scientific literature indicates that few if not none have been able to replicate this achievement.
Produced via axenic culture. Culture type assured and contaminant-free.
Mycelia in hydrogel matrix. Protection of propagules.
Level of residual nutrients in the inoculum is controllable. Other forms can contain high levels of nutrients which cause problems in mycorrhization.
Long shelf-life. Depending on type of fungus, can be cold stored for 6 months. This allows flexibility in production in that smaller equipment can be used and batches bulked.