Criteria for Practical and Effective Inocula
(after Tommerup, Kuek and Malajczuk; 1987)

The effectiveness of an inoculum is associated with its characteristics as a source of propagules. Practicality is related to the ability to produce it satisfactorily, and to its ease of usage. In general, effectiveness and practicality are inversely related. Therefore, the ideal inoculum is a compromise between these two attributes. Inoculum can either contain be soley microorganism or include carrier material for ease of handling.

Effective and practical inocula should satisfy the following criteria:

a. The inoculant microorganism must be efficacious.
b. The microorganism should be produced axenically and have a physiological state which is consistent and appropriate for storage, inoculation and initiation of mycorrhiza.
c. Carrier material if used, should protect the microorganism against physiological stress during production.
d. The inoculum should be of a form which allows close control of growth conditions in large- scale production, facilitate handling, and be capable of being provided in repeatable dosages associated with consistent amounts of biomass.

The Mycobead form of inoculum satisfies all of the criteria above.

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