Academic Qualifications

BSc(Agric)(Hons) (University of Western Australia);
(University of Western Australia)





Dr Kuek is a professional in a decades-long career in bioprocessing. His base expertise in fermentation technology expanded into the design and costing of bioprocesses at commercial scale which subsequently led to experience in the appraisal of economic viability of bioprocess proposals, a subject which he developed and taught for several years at the University of Western Sydney. His career culminated in the vital role of managing the design, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning of equipment for the bioprocess and phytoprocess production floors at the Sarawak Biovalley Pilot Plant Facility, a RM60M investment by the Sarawak government to provide lab research a route to trials at commercially-relevant scales. His accumulated expertise includes familiarity for the contract negotiations at head-to-head level; requirements for drafting contracts for R&D; procurement and tendering; specifications for tendering; and governmental protocols for the award and administration/execution of tenders. In his bioprocessing field, he routinely interacts with fellow bioprocess practitioners (mass balances, productivities, process development and optimization); chemical engineers (design and operation of processing equipment/plants); Mechanical & Electrical, and Civil Engineers (construction of facilities); lawyers (contracting); and with accountants (cost accounting; cashflow analyses; profitability appraisal).


Professional Experience


2020 -

a Project Economic Viability Consultant
October 2021 - Nov 2021
Kawan Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
No. 18, Lebuh Perusahaan 1, IGB Industrial Park,
31200 Perak, Malaysia
(techno-economic assessment of an algal bioenergy project in West Malaysia)
b Subject Matter Expert in Rural Community Development
October 2021
Linkage Asia Sdn Bhd for the Leadership Institute of the Sarawak Civil Service
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Training sessions for Level Q48 Sarawak government officers)
c Sector Scoping Committee member
June 2021 -
Rhizocore Technologies Ltd. subsidiary of Deep Science Ventures Ltd.
Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 9D
(a commercial project in the fermentative production of fungal biomass)
d Specialist Bioscience Consultant
January 2020 -
Priority Care Sdn. Bhd.
93450 Kuching, Sarawak
e Visiting Researcher
January 2020 -
School of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Curtin University
Bentley, Western Australia 6102

2012 - 2019

Professor and

Dean, R&D
Sept 2012 - Dec 2019 (retired)
Curtin University Malaysia
(Concurrent appointment with Director, CMRI)

Key responsibilities:

  • Oversaw a rise in Malaysia Research Instrument Assessment (MyRA) rating of Curtin Malaysia from a score in the 1-star band in 2013 to that in the 4-star band by 2020.

  • Won MYR1.3M funding from the Sarawak Cabinet (through the Sarawak R&D Council) for a pilot- scale project for the fermentative production of biocementing microorganisms for biosandstone top-coursing for rural roads. The offer was rescinded after I left Curtin Malaysia prior to the project commencing.

  • Successfully negotiated MYR2M funding from Sarawak Energy Bhd. for Drs. Dodge-Wade and Nagarajan at the School of Engineering in 2013.
    (see the Baram Project below).

  • Oversaw competitive research grant income of some MYR1.7M to the University in 2019.

  • Managed an OPEX of some MYR4.5M per annum (2019 example), and a team of four administrative staff at the Office of R&D.

  • Developed and managed the Curtin Malaysia strategic (triannual) and Operational Plan (annual) for R&D.

  • Chaired the Curtin Malaysia R&D Committee.

  • Curtin Malaysia member of the Curtin University R&D Committee.

  • Member of the Curtin Malaysia Senior Executive Leaders Group (the top management decision-making body on the campus)

  • Managed the University’s data collection and reporting to the Ministry of Higher Education for the purpose of assessing Curtin Malaysia’s rating in MyRA and SETARA.

  • Managed the University’s budget on R&D for efficient outcomes

  • Managed the framing of R&D contracts with external parties

Director, Curtin Malaysia Research Institute (CMRI)
2014 - 2019 (retired)
Curtin University Malaysia
(Concurrent appointment with Dean, R&D)

Key responsibilities and initiatives taken:

Developed an array of strategic high-profile projects for the University e.g.


2009 - 2012

Associate Professor and

Manager, Research & Consultancy Office,

Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus.

  • Won RM1.5M for a MoSTI Flagship project for LTT Aquaculture sdn. Bhd. and SUTS. The R&D was Subsequently placed outside SUTS after I left the university prior to the grant being awarded.

  • Established the SUTS MyRA rating system.

  • Established the SUTS PhD Scholarship Scheme.

  • Other administrative duties were similar to those described under the Dean, R&D role at Curtin University Malaysia (see above).

2008 - 2009

Associate Professor and

Head of the Biotechnology Program,
School of Engineering and Science
Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak

  • RM745K for a Biotech Corp. Startup Grant with Biotech Alliance Sdn. Bhd. (2009).

  • Designed and equipped the Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Chemistry Teaching Laboratories, and three research laboratories for the Biotechnology Program in the RM110M extension of the SUTS buildings.

  • Engaged and managed four members of academic and 2 technical staff for the biotechnology program.

2006 - 2008

Biotechnology Consultant

  • Completed projects


Fermentation Consultant
BSES Ltd., Brisbane, Australia

Provision of expert advice on the commercial development of a bioreactor process for
artificial seeds via tissue culture.

Visiting Professor,
Department of Microbiology
Quaid-i-Azam University
Lecturing; development of project proposals for a microbial type culture collection; development of a proposal for a multi-million dollar project for a bioprocessing pilot plant.
2002 - 2006

Project Manager
Agrifoodasia Pty. Ltd.

  • Responsible for design and administration of B2B business web portal.

  • Project analysis, evaluation and development largely in the China market.
1991 - 2002

Senior Lecturer in Industrial Microbiology

Department of Biological Sciences,
University of Western Sydney, Macarthur
  • Responsible for under/postgraduate teaching/supervision (honours and PhD), and research in microbiology and fermentation.
  • Examples of research projects:
    "Production of immobilized mycelia of ectomycorrhizal fungi as forestry inoculants;" industry funded project.
    "Production of penicillin using immobilized Penicillium chrysogenum;" 3rd Year BSc. Project.
    "Aerobic degradation of phenol using Pseudomonas putida immobilized in calcium alginate;" B.Sc. Honours
    "Degradation of phenol in continuous culture using immobilized Pseudomonas putida;" Master of Sci.
    "Isolation fibrolytic rumen microorganisms and development of a novel production process for the fibrolytic enzymes;" PhD (UWSM/CSIRO project).
    "Development of versicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal inocula;" PhD.
    "The control of microbial deterioration of fruits and vegetables using naturally-occurring volatiles;" PhD (co-supervision; Uni. Of Newcastle).
  • Chairman of the B.Tech.Mgt. Course Board responsible for B.Tech.Mgt.(Biotechnology), B.Tech.Mgt.(Instrumentation & Control), and B.Tech.Mgt.(Manufacturing).
    Led the accreditation of the honours program in the BTech.Mgt degree.
    Led the re-accreditation of the B.Tech.Mgt degrees.

  • Chairman of the Production Floor Sub-Committee (6-monthly rotation). This committee is responsible for the policies for and operation of the Technology Management Facility which comprises laboratories and production processes.
    Course Coordinator for B.Tech.Mgt.(Biotechnology).

  • Subject Coordinator for:
    Industrial Microbiology.
    Integrating Project (Biotechnology)
    Basic Microbiology
  • Other teaching contributions:
    Bioreactors, & Unit Operations; Microbiological Quality Assurance.
  • Maintain an interest in the issues surrounding the commercialization and economic evaluation of projects. A subject of my design [Integrating Project (biotechnology)] illustrates this.

  • Won AUD177,000 of research funds between 1991 and 1993.
  • Member of the design-specification team for a AUD3 million (1990 $) moot manufacturing complex at the University of Western Sydney, Macarthur which represents typical R & D and production facilities of a manufacturing enterprise. This building is used for the B.Tech.Mgt. degrees.

  • Responsible for the identification and procurement of AUD120000 (1991 $) of fermentation equipment for initiating a process train for the Technology Management building.

  • Proposed the concept for, and co-designed a AUD150000 (1991 $) citric acid crystallization process plant for the Technology Management Building.

  • Regular referee for manuscripts submitted to Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, published by the Society of Chemical Industry, London.

1987 - 1991

Research and Development Manager

Interbac Australasia Pty. Ltd. based at the University of Western Australia.

Commercial and technical development of a project on fungal inocula for plantation forestry.


The scientific responsibilities included the:

  • elucidation and execution of research strategy encompassing the development of novel processes and techniques, the development of production process to a scale sufficient for the supply of large field trials, field trials, and generally the development of the project to the pilot plant stage.

  • setting up of research collaborations with the CSIRO Division of Forestry and Forest Products, Alcoa of Australia Ltd., and the W.A. Chip and Pulp Co. Pty. Ltd.

  • setting up international affiliations by visiting institutions in the United Kingdom and Brazil.
  • preparation of a design brief for a pilot plant facility.
  • setting up a fermentation research laboratory.
  • management of staff (Research Officer and Laboratory Assistant) and a fermentation research laboratory.

The commercial responsibilities included:

  • the negotiation of research and commercial contracts for the conduct the research, to define scientific integration, for commercial access to and use of scientific data, and for the regulation of royalties. These contracts were negotiated with senior management of the University of W.A., CSIRO Division of Forestry and Forest Products, Alcoa of Australia Ltd. and the W.A. Chip and Pulp Co. Pty. Ltd.

  • financial control and budgeting (cash flow; profit/loss; cost).
  • the implementation of market research for determination of market niche and size.
  • the implementation of cost-benefit analysis of the technology being developed.
  • the implementation of a valuation of the intellectual property (via cash flow and sensitivity analyses).
  • assessment and identification of a competent supplier/contractor for the construction of the pilot plant facility;
  • negotiations for a supply/construction contract.
  • development of marketing strategy.
  • liaison with the financial sector.
  • preparation of information for statutory listing requirements of the stock exchange.
1986 - 1987

uwa_logo.gif (3066 bytes)

Research Associate
Department of Botany, the University of Western Australia

The production of beta-carotene in photobioreactors.


To execute a one-year commercially funded project to examine the technical feasibility of the production of
b-carotene from Dunaliella salina in airlift photobioreactors in a linked photobioreactor-open pond system. The definition of the cultural conditions required for the rapid production of Dunaliella salina biomass was a major task.


  • elucidation and execution of research strategy.
  • design and commissioning of the airlift photobioreactors and ancillary equipment required for the project.
  • experimentation and interpretation of results.
  • liaising with funding company.
  • setting up a fermentation laboratory.
  • managing a fermentation research laboratory and directing the work of a graduate technician.


Concurrent Appointments between 1985 and 1990
1991 - 1995
Company Director
Biosynthetica Pty. Ltd.
182, Claisebrook Road
East Perth, W.A. 6004

Biosynthetica P/L was a start-up biotechnology company which owns proprietary technology in the production of fungal biomass as inoculants.

1987 - 1990
uwa_logo.gif (3066 bytes)

Honorary Research Fellow
Soil Science & Plant Nutrition, the University of Western Australia.
This position was held during the life of the project on fungal inocula for plantation forestry which was based at the University of W.A.

1985 - 1990
uwa_logo.gif (3066 bytes) Guest Lecturer in Industrial Microbiology (B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses)
Department of Microbiology, the University of Western Australia

Research Grants Won
(as Chief Investigator unless otherwise stated)

2019 Chief Minister of Sarawak via the Sarawak R&D Council
RM1,300,000 for a project on biosandstone top coursing for low-volume rural roads.


Nestle through the Brains Sciences Institute (BSI) Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.
RM111,292 for managing a 3-month BSI study on the effect of nutritive drinks taken at breakfast on the cognitive skills of children.


Biotech Alliance International Sdn. Bhd. 
RM745,500 for a 2 year project on rapid composting of empty fruit bunches from palm oil processing via inoculation with selected microorganisms. 


Chief Minister's Department
RM304,000 for the operating costs of 2 in-service training PhD candidates from the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.


UWSM Industry Links Grant
The industry partner is Fort Dodge Australia P/L.
AUD10,000 for a 10 month project to initiate investigation into the culture parameters controlling toxin production by Clostridium perfringens for application in the optimisation of toxin titre in vaccine production. Joint award with Dr. M. Laurence of Fort Dodge Australia P/L.


Xylonova R&D syndicate
AUD150,000 for a 24 month project for the development of inocula of ectomycorrhizal fungi for elite eucalypts for saline environments.

xylo.gif (9162 bytes)


Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
AUD30,840 for a contract consultancy for a 3-year Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research research project (Project No. 9105) on the extension of postharvest storage-life of fruits and vegetables. The project is based at Chiangmai University, Thailand and the University of New South Wales, Australia.

aciar.gif (1630 bytes)

Biosynthetica Pty. Ltd.
AUD58,000 for a 12-month extension of the project for the development of immobilized fungi for inocula.


Biosynthetica Pty. Ltd.
AUD67,000 for a twelve-month research contract on the further development of immobilized fungi as inocula.


Bunnings Treefarms Pty. Ltd.
AUD42,000 for a three-month project on further development of immobilized fungi for inocula.


Australian Special Rural Research Council
AUD150,000 for a three-year project on the genetic improvement of ectomycorrhizal fungi (Joint award: Dr. I.C. Tommerup [Chief Investigator]; and N. Malajczuk [Co-investigator]).


Interbac Australasia Pty. Ltd.
AUD341,037 for a three-year research contract on the application of biotechnology to the production of immobilized fungi.

interbac.jpg (28687 bytes)


Rural Credits Development Bank (Reserve Bank of Australia)
AUD58,000 for a two-year project on the production of immobilized fungi for use as inocula (Joint award with Co-Investigator Dr. N. Malajczuk). Offer declined in favor of the grant from Interbac Australasia Pty. Ltd.


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Refereed Papers in Books

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Conferences and Posters

Ng, L.T.; Kuek, C. and Yeo, Y.T.C. (2012) Production of prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitor via repeat batch culture of immobilized Fusarium sp. CMI397470. Sixty second Annual Meeting of the Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology; 12 - 16 Aug 2012; Washington DC, USA.

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Asif, M.; Khan, A.; Khan, M.A. and Kuek, C. (1995) Growth response of wheat to sheared root vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae inoculum under field conditions. In: “Mycorrhizae: Biofertilizers of the Future; Proceedings of the Third National Conference on Mycorrhizae;” 13-15 March, New Delhi, India.

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"Some factors affecting the rate of ethanol production in rapid batch fermentation.
Honours thesis, Department of Soil Science & Plant Nutrition, the University of W.A., 1978.

"Glucoamylase of Aspergillus phoenicus: Strain improvement and production using immobilized mycelia".
Ph.D thesis, School of Agriculture, the University of W.A., 1985.

Conferences and Consultancies


Authored the LTT Aquaculture Sdn. Bhd. application for a MOSTI Flagship grant.
The project was awarded RM1.5M.

"62nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology"; Aug. 12-16, 2012, Washington, DC.


"International Congress of the Malaysian Society for Microbiology 2011"; 8 - 11 December 2011, Penang, Malaysia


Consultant to BSES Ltd., Brisbane (to 2008) for an artificial seed commercialization project.


Consultant to Fujian Agricultural University, Fuzhou on the development of a rapid testing kit for pesticide residues.


“2nd International Workshop on Edible Mycorrhizal Fungi”, Christchurch, New Zealand, July 3-6.


Invited by the China Overseas Exchanges Association in Beijing, China to join a group of 100 experts convened on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples' Republic of China, to visit institutions in various provinces with a view to technical exchange. Visited the Biotechnology Research Centre at Guangxi University, the Guangxi Forest Research Institute, and the Academy of Forestry in Yunnan. Met with various exchange office officials in Beijing. Sept. 19 to 3 Oct.


United Nations Development Program TOKTEN/STAR consultant to the China Eucalypt Research Centre, Zhanjiang, China; 15-22 Feb. To provide advice on inocula of ectomycorrhizal fungi for plantation eucalypts.

un.gif (1151 bytes)

End-of-Project Workshop (ACIAR Project No. 9105), 22-23 May, Chiangmai, Thailand.


"Annual Meeting of the Aust. Centre for Intl. Agric. Res. (ACIAR) Postharvest Research Program," Cunningham Laboratory, St. Lucia, Queensland, 14-15 November. Invited attendance as a consultant to ACIAR Project No. 9105.


"Asia-Pacific Chitin and Chitosan Symposium", 24-27 May, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Attendance to orientate for a new R & D area.

"International Workshop on Postharvest Technology for Agricultural Produce Including Animal Husbandry, Hanoi, Dec. 8-9, 1994. Invited attendance as a consultant to ACIAR Project No. 9105."

Invited by the Guangdong Overseas Chinese Office in China to pay a visit to the Institute for Tropical Forestry, Longdong with a view to establishing technical exchange. 


"International Conference on Postharvest Handling of Tropical Fruit", 19-23 July, Chiangmai, Thailand. Invited attendance as a consultant to an Aust. Centre for Intl. Agric. Res. Project No. 9105."

Microbiology consultant to the Aust. Centre for Intl. Agric. Research (Project No. 9105 - Shelf-life Extension of Fruits & Vegetables) based in Chiangmai, Thailand; 1993 - 1995.


"International Symposium on Management of Mycorrhizas in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry", 28th Sept.- 2nd Oct., Perth, Western Australia. Invited attendance to present a paper entitled "Issues concerning the production and use of inocula of ectomycorrhizal fungi."


"3rd Brazilian Conference on Mycorrhizae", 11-14th Sept., Universidade de Sao Paulo, Piricicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Invited attendance to present an address entitled "Hydrogel Bead Inocula: Developments in Western Australia."


"The Biotechnology of Fungi for Improving Plant Growth", 19-22nd Sept., University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Attended and presented a co-authored poster."

Scholastic awards


The David Evans Memorial Prize in Agricultural Micro-Economics, the University of Western Australia.



The University of Western Australia Special Studentship.


The Charles and Annie Neumann Postgraduate Fellowship in Agriculture. Offer declined in favor of another (see immediately below).


The Soil Fertility Research Committee of Western Australia Studentship in Industrial Microbiology.



The Charles and Annie Neumann Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Agriculture. Offer declined in favor of a fully funded post-doctoral project (Production of fungal biomass; see 1986 in "Research Grants won").



Resident, 1974 - 1977.
St. Thomas More College,
The University of Western Australia.

Resident Tutor, 1982.
Currie Hall, (later renamed University Hall)
The University of Western Australia.

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